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Monday, October 12, 2009 

To Tweet or Not to Tweet, that is the question

OK so I am behind the tech curve a bit. I do not tweet. Why should I? I honestly have a hard time getting responses to my e-mails from friends and business associates. So why should I bother to tweet them?

I really do not understand the tweet crazes as it stands now. I remember when the first cell phones came out. Just look at an old episode of Hawaii 5-O. McGarret had that big phone in his Lincoln town car. Remember? That was cool. One of my brothers kept his portable club (one of the first portable jobs) till about 4 or 5 years ago. Why you ask, because it had better quality in transmission and receiving then modern phones did. My parents hung onto their old portable book phone for the car till a few years ago when it gave up the ghost finally.

I myself used to have a cumbersome cell phone for a while then I switched to a smaller more convenient one. I look back and remember going to school and not having a cell phone. There was a pay phone in the school entrance and by the locker rooms. Then again a call only costed a dime ( that's ten cents). So I dated my self, I remember gas being under a dollar as well.

I have looked and read the twitter page , information sites and asked this question to others. What is so good and tech savvy about twittering? The big answer is instantaneous communication as to what someone is up to. Hmmm, a phone call does that as well does it not? But with twitter you can get the word out to millions if they are all following you on your account. Why? Don't people have any thing better to do then sit around waiting for the next tweet to come across their phone.

I have enough problems with unsolicited phone sales calls. If I tweet will I be bombarded with sales pitches? Hell knows I get enough text messages now on affordable rents and car deals. Things I never asked for.

So when people ask if I tweet, the answer is NO!

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