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Tuesday, October 13, 2009 

The left and being overbearing

So why is it that if you do not agree with the left and their ideals/motives you are all of a sudden a Nazi, racist, fascist, or just demonised? The left for years has worked in the background trying to force their beliefs and ideals upon everyone. Having entrenched themselves in the educational system, setting themselves up with activist judges (those who legislate from the bench), and changing journalism from reporting to opinion oriented stories. The left is now no longer in the shadows. They are out in the open and enjoying the fruits of their secret agenda.

With an over whelming majority in Congress, the Senate, the President and his newly appointed over reaching Czars. The left are ramming their agenda as fast as they can down the throats of the American people. Demonising all those who still believe in Freedom and conservative values.

Many , as myself at first believed that this was a bad thing. Yet in retrospective this is really a good thing. The left, not liberalism, the left is exposed and out in the open. Their hatred for what has made this country the only true super power and world leader. A country that in a little over 200 years has done more for human rights, the advancement of civilization, and peace then any other country in history (well King Leonidas has to be given much credit with his sacrifice at Thermopylae).

The truth of the matter is "POWER" not fairness or equality. The bottom line of the agenda from the left is a consortium of power and keeping it. The ability to dictate to others what, how and where to live their lives. While they themselves enjoy the fruits of others labor and sweat. It is a grab for authority over what one can do as an individual for themselves and how the individual can produce and be shafted in order to keep the left in the lap of luxury.

History is full of prime examples of how the left seeks control over civilization and free will. Modern examples bound aplenty, Kim Il in North Korea, Castro in Cuba. Name any one of a dozen punk Dictators in Africa. The Russian Politburo. All live lives of the elite while the masses live in squall er. Being driven around in their fancy automobiles, flying in their jets, eating off expensive china food that the masses cannot afford. This is the life the left want and are working hard to achieve.

Look at the people who live under this oppression. The Mullahs refuse to allow women an education. Talk about chauvinistic beliefs, bare foot and pregnant not just one but multiple women to a single male. This is what the left idealise and strive for. Complete control over the masses while they do what they want when they want and how they want. All the while the people are stifled and restricted as individuals in the way that they are allowed to live.

This is the goal of the left and the bottom line. POWER over the people. It is not about hope and change for humanity. A fairness for all. It is about restrictions and oppression on a scale of unimaginable long term suffering. A world in which only the left, those who have seized power are in control and can dictate to others how they can survive.

Our Founding Fathers had the foresight and wisdom to see that people need to be responsible to them selves first , with a respect and mutual consideration for others and what they believe in. That the basic nature of man is to be an individual yet have responsibilities to the community. Not a duty to the community and lack of respect for themselves.

Is it any wonder then that now the left is out in the open that they are so overbearing and insulting? No not at all. It is because they are seeing a chance to end that which stands in their way. Not only common sense but freedom and the individual.

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