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Tuesday, December 08, 2009 

Obama LIES!!!! and poorly too!!!!

This is amazing. How in the world can a grown man go on national television and lie like he is. This is just breath taking.

President Obamanation is making his lies about the economy and jobs to the nation. He talks about being FISCALLY responsible, yet in the same sentence wants to spend , spend, spend. If he wants to gain any credibility then maybe he should take this extra tarp money and paying down the debt. Is this fiscally responsible? HELL YES it is. As a matter of fact this was a huge stipulation in even getting the tarp money in the first place. However being a typical progressive this is not an option for this bozo. Yes I said it. A bozo as in clown. I lack any respect for Obama. I will respect the office but the joke of a man in office has no respect for my country. So I refuse to respect this communist.

Lets take a hard look at some facts people. First, it was 2006 that the democrats took control of the House and the Senate. Low and behold that it was in late 2007 and 2008 that the economy started having trouble. Hmmm, a dot connection, dems in control and the economy starting to go south.

Next in 2008 Obama is elected to a House and Senate that is controlled by more progressive libtards. It has been 11 months now under a complete liberal progressive government. What have they done. A 787 Billion stimulus package that we find out money is going to NONEXISTENT CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS (just who's pocket huh?). We have a proposed 2 trillion dollar spending plan on health care that will only insure an additional 16 million. It still leaves people uninsured. This is not what they are promising.

We have the highest unemployment rate in thirty years with more unemployed on the way. The highest tax rate in the business world. You say not true, well we are second right now but under the new proposed taxes we will be Number 1.

President Obamanation tried to blame the Republican party for not jumping on his proposals, saying that they are obstructionist. The fact they are fiscally responsible and do not want to sigh on to his irresponsible plans does not make them obstructionist. It makes them SMARTER then he is.

Bottom line on all this. The economy has been having trouble since 2007. The democrats are the ones who have been in charge. 1 plus 1 equals two. If we continue to go along with the LIES of Obama and his cohort demorats. This country is going to be a third world nation. We are losing our triple A rating in the financial game. All do to the fact of an ever increasing debt. One that we need to take extra funds from tarp and the stimulus and pay down., not spend on feel good bogus welfare programs.

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