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Friday, December 11, 2009 

What is Joe Biden doing?

Vice President Joe Biden was put in charge of the stimulus monies. Any one else remember how he said that he would account for every penny? Then in his speech earlier this week President Obamanation said that they were accounting for this money and Joe was doing a great job. That even though it was going to take another year and more money. They were accounting for every dime.

If this is the case,how come they haven't filed for bankruptcy yet? It is obvious that they can not handle monies of any type. How many millions have gone missing? Yes missing. Given to congressional districts that do not exist. Is this accountability? No not really. Technically you could say they know where the money is. So why has it not been taken back? That is where Joe has FAILED BIG TIME. Not to mention all the bogus monies that have been poured out to non stimulus programs that have nothing to do with helping the economy.

In fact just yesterday Barney "dancing queen" Frank has just approved 6 billion more dollars to go out to millionaires at air America. The failing radio stations who gambled on liberal talk and lost have used the Black Caucus to force the government into giving them money to support programs no one listens to. ( http://michellemalkin.com/2009/12/10/barney-frank-gives-in-to-congressional-black-caucus-shakedown-crew/ )

SO why has not Joe "I am on top of this" Biden said anything? Why has this not been stopped as a waste of OUR tax money?

More questions on the accountability of money being passed out like Ecstasy at a rave, remain unanswered.

We were told that there was numerous shovel to pavement programs ready to be funded. SO where are they?

Why have states like Colorado who had projects slated but not funded, diverted the funds planned for these projects accepted monies and then held up these projects till their original start dates? This is not shovel to pavement ready?

Why can't small businesses get funding, or awarded the contracts for work? These contracts are being set aside for UNION shops. Where is the fairness in this? Tell me Joe just what do you have to say about this?

Why do we need a second stimulus package when it is obvious that the first has been abused and not even all used up. With billions still waiting to be handed out to Obama's union buddies and other corrupt organizations (acorn ). Why is it necessary that more money be coughed up from the tax payer?

If Joe Biden can not even account for the money that is being handed out to who knows who. Just what exactly is Joey doing?

There are so many questions and not enough answers.

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