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Friday, December 11, 2009 

Colorado Dems follow National leaders in money grab

Democrat state Rep. Joel Judd, follows the leadership of national democrats. He wants to ignore Colorado law, specifically TABOR, and go after businesses and their money.

“The question is: Do we provide education for children or do we get to go to a salon without paying a tax?” Judd told the Colorado Independent. “Nobody is going to feel good about it, but are we going to weigh the pain? Because it’s either cutting schools or making people pay that tax.” ( http://coloradoindependent.com/42997/rep-judd-to-go-after-business-subsidies-%E2%80%98wipe-out%E2%80%99-enterprise-zones )

A clear swipe at the Colorado tax payer is the plan. Instead of reigning in careless spending and reckless increases in programs that are lacking on accountability and supervision. Rep. Judd wants to paint a picture of turning children out on to the streets and not providing education for them. A failing school system in Colorado that is lacking in the education department as it stands now, has nothing to do with this money grab. It is an excuse for piss poor fiscal responsibity.

TABOR HIGHLIGHTS ( http://www.ocpp.org/2004/issue040303.pdf )

Basically it says that Colorado government cannot increase taxes or spending if we are in a downturn in the economy. So the Dems want to increase taxes and increase spending by claiming if it only helps the children. An age old call from the liberals and progressives. This is how they skirt the law and steal our money. All the while increasing spending of our money with little to no oversight and caps on their credit line. That is to say the taxpayers pocket book.

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