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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 

Something being overlooked and ignored

There is something that stinks in Washington and it is not the fish Rahm Emmanuel is wrapping in paper to send to political opponents. It is something that is clearly being overlooked and ignored by many critics and pro transportation advocates. The fact that there is NO RIGHT to fly, and that airlines are private companies governed by federal regulations.

So many people are jumping on board the infringement of personal rights wagon against a security change in the way people are searched before getting on a flight to somewhere. NEWS FLASH airlines are private entities. Yes they have stock for the people but so does IBM. This does not give the average person a RIGHT to sit in on board meetings.

Fact that airlines as a private entity can under the Constitution impose security mandates that are more intrusive then entering a Wal Mart is not a violation of personal rights. Nor is it fascism. My home is a private place. So if I impose a cavity search to enter a private party I am throwing to keep morons and party crashers out, there is nothing to prevent me from doing this.

Airlines carry the public to different destinations, and are based on public use. Thus this does create a higher responsibility to the public then say Ace Hardware. The safety of the traveling public is a huge issue. The airlines have the responsibility to keep the traveling public safe, not only with service to their equipment, trained personnel, but a responsibility from ISLAMIC EXTREMIST from getting on board and crashing the plane.

This means implementing pat downs, body scanners, explosive sniffing dogs, whatever. Airlines are a private company providing a service. You are paying for this service. YOU do not have a RIGHT TO FLY. There are other modes of transportation out there, cars, buses, boats. Hell you can even be a real greener and WALK. You are not required to fly for anything. Flying is a convenience not a right. A privilege not a RIGHT.

So if you go to the airport and the ticket price is a little higher because the Airlines have to pay for more security personnel and equipment, so be it. It is the cost to fly.

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