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Monday, January 04, 2010 

No surprise here, lack of transparency

Does the fact that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Ried are planning and having secretive talks and negotiations on the health care bill. Back room and behind closed door sessions with key members of the left to push through their idea of control over the people of this country. A passing of legislation that will seal the fate of millions and doom the economy to debt for decades to come.

Peter Roff of U.S.News reports on these meetings about to begin.

Democratic Leaders Plan Secret Health Reform Deliberations


In this report, Harry Waxman, the living cross breed of a rat and human, leaks the truth of how the left are moving to not only cut out Republican concerns and objections, but those in their own party. Any one who may object and slow down the unconstitutional power grab of our freedoms and one sixth of the economy. By holding secrete meetings and by passing normal procedures. The left are trying to put together a bill that they like and the American people will be ignorant of until it is too late.

As Congressmen and Senators alike sealed their political careers to a false hope of improved health care. A reality that exists only i their minds as the result is far from an improvement but a direct attack and dismantling of health care in this country. A fact that seems to be lost, people do not leave the United States for health care but flock here for it. Here to where it is working and better then any where else in the world.

The only true hope for change is the upcoming November elections. A hope that better Representatives can be elected and change the downward spiral we seem to be headed in.

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