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Thursday, December 31, 2009 

Should Napolitano step down?

Should Sec. Janet Napolitano step down from her position as Sec. of Homeland defense? That is a big question that is being bounced around not only Washington D.C. but reverberated around the Internet. The truth that she should never have gotten the job in the first place has no standing.

In her defense I would have to defend President Obama as well. The fight on unemployment is being fought at the White House. It is the front line. Janet is not only unemployable in the real world but so is half of the current administration. By giving them appointments in government they are not in the handout lines at the welfare office.

This being said I will strive not go off topic. Topic being Janet Napolitano as Sec. of Homeland Defense.

Lets list her pro and cons for the office.

Cons: (the short list)

1) No experience in security.

2) Pro open boarder supporter

3) A serious lack of leadership, demonstrated with her term as Governor

4) No original thinking on any topic, only a mouth piece for those who pull her strings

5) Does not understand the definition of WAR

6) Does not understand the definition of terrorism

7) Unable to use the word terrorism, favors new politically correct definitions of hatred. Misunderstanding, man made disasters

8) Defines Conservatism as evil, extremist, and as real terrorism

9) Favors a one world government designed and shaped with socialism based ideology.

10) Is in favor of profiling American citizens over foreign nationals

Pro's: see list of cons.

So should Janet step down or be fired from her post as Sec. of Homeland Defense? Think about it and you will come to the same conclusion. She is just as qualified as any one else in this administration. If she goes then they all need to go!

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