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Sunday, January 03, 2010 

Sorry day in Denver Football

Well one can say let us hope that next fall the Donkeys do better. How can they do that? Well in the same political theme, one can hope for change. As the Broncos demonstrated all year long they had glimpses of brilliance and talent. Yet for some reason they fell short. One reason is an inexperienced coach. A coach that it looks like placed his ego over that of the team in which he is supposed to lead and guide.

As number ten Gaffney showed huge talent today offensively why was he not used all season with number 15 Marshall? We know that Brandon Marshall and the head coach have personality differences. This is why Marshall was not in today's last game against Kansas City.

The defense with Ty Law and Champ Bailey in the backfield, and a line backing crew that is one of the best. A league leading Elvis Dumervile sack attack, the Broncos should have had a record of 10 and 6 at the least.

Falling short in a couple of games made the season long and hard to watch. As a fan of the Orange Crush of Randy Gradishaw and Tom Jackson, Rubin Carter and Lyle Alzado on into the John Elway era into the last days of Mike Shanahan. The new team under a McDaniel's coaching style looks to be a return to the early seventies of mediocrity.

Maybe it was time to let Mike Shanahan go and try something different. Lord knows that Denver fans are demanding, not just in football. Yet the move to a coach who seems to lack the respect for and from the players is not a good move. A coach who before even taking a first hand look at the starting quarterback from last year was trying to trade him before he met him. A coach who had talent on his team but cannot bring it together is a coach who needs to go.

So ends the 2009 season and a loss to start 2010. Let us wait and see how the preseason of the fall of 2010 goes and if we can hope for something better in 2011.

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