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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 

Pre 9/11 attitude prevails

So the truth is coming out. We not only were warned we (our government ) knew about the Nigerian Christmas bomber and did NOTHING. Where was the breakdown in the system? Where was the performing as planned and competence of our government? They were figuratively in Hawaii with their leader of the Obamanation. The President himself!!!! Out to holiday and not on the job.

This miss thinking and logic of treating terrorism as a criminal act, responding after the fact is mind blowing. It is the same attitude that we had pre 9/11. The first attack on the twin towers, the Oklahoma City bombing, barracks in Saudi Arabia, all treated after the fact it happened. No prevention and aggressive act to stop these acts. It is stupid. These are not criminal acts but acts of war. Do they not understand the difference between criminality and war? Obviously not seeing how Sec. of Homeland Defense thinks we should to protect our boarders and arrest those arbitrarily who break the law. Those who set the stage for acts of WAR. Now Janet is to blame for a lot of this but she does enforce the policies that come from a higher source. The Commander in Chief, Obamanation.

Note the wording used in the first press conference. Allegedly, suspect, what the hell is that. this was not someone picked up on the street for a liquor store robbery. this was an attempt to blow up a plane and kill as many innocent people as possible. An act of war, not an act of greed.

The man was not allegedly attempting to blow up a plane. He set off the BOMB, it just fortunately did not work properly. He is not a suspect, he was CAUGHT literal with his pants down in the act of setting off the bomb. There is NO misconception of what happened here. The fact that the current administration to criminalise terrorist acts is not only WRONG but it is DANGEROUS. How many people will die before this line of thinking is proved to be WRONG again. It cost almost three thousand on 9/11, who is next?

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