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Friday, January 08, 2010 

Reality comes to Washington D.C.

Now we are once again in a war? I did not know we had ever declared a truce or that the war with Islamic Extremist was over. With President Obama trying to be Presidential and looking authorities (LOL). The reality of the world has come home to Washington D.C. The dangerous attitude of thinking apologies for nothing would keep us safe is not working.

Many of those political appointees who thought that they could cruise into their cushy jobs without taking any responsibility that the job comes with, are seeing the fallout out of their lack of qualifications. The truth of their inability to handle their jobs is the real news story that should have been focused upon , not the attempt to win the public trust in feel good metaphors and phrases.

As Janet Napolitano tells us that the system worked as the truth clearly pointed out it did not. She had to come out and say she was taken out of context and did a one eighty of her previous comments. John Bremen told us we have no smoking gun when the room was full of gun powder.

Leon Panetta goes on vacation, as does the chief of counter terrorism. President Obama for the first time in his young presidency is quiet for 72 hours, he too was on vacation. Vice President Biden has not been heard from in weeks. Must be to busy checking into the fraud being committed with miss appropriated stimulus funds, or the lack of looking into it. Is he on vacation to?

When 2009 started we saw a new lack of thinking in the action taken to protect this country. It still prevails. We went from being at war. Finishing a successful front in Iraq and reopening the one in Afghanistan. To trying to come up with reaction forces and plans for man made disasters. Now we are back at war with Al Qaeda who use terrorist tactics.

This thinking demonstrates and shows a clear turning in the acceptance of what is going on in world events. The fact that this current administration still does not want to pursue a strategy of winning. If we are as they say at war with Al Qaeda, then why are we not handling their combatants as enemy soldiers and letting the military handle them. A prosecution, gifting of Constitutional rights, and lack of interrogation of these prisoners, is still mind boggling.

President Obama wants us to believe that the buck stops with him and he is not interested in the blame game. I on the other hand believe that reality prevented Obama from once again trying to blame the past administration of President Bush for Obama's continued lack of judgment and ability to lead.

With a cabinet full of tax dodgers, back room thugs and unaccountable to the public newly created Czars. This administration faces reality and it is not looking to good for them.

Now President Obama wants to re stream the system and claim that they will fix the problems. Does this mean that he is going to move back to the direction of the Bush policies that were effective? Will we see someone being held accountable for their lack of job performance, or will we get more " I let you down" ( John Bremen) speeches from those who did not want to do their jobs in the first place?

Reality with accountability is coming to Washington. The truth hurts, especially when you hide from it like the left in power has tried to do. What remains to be seen is if they are truly going to change and do their jobs, uphold the oaths they swore, or if this is all more white wash to appease the disgruntled public.

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