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Friday, March 12, 2010 

More proof Dems want to hurt businesses

Colorado Senate Majority Leader John Morse distorts the truth and tries to convince the public that big business is evil. In a rant over the flap of Amazon pulling out of Colorado and eliminating their affiliate businesses here, John Morse cries foul.

After pushing through a tax on the Internet specifically aimed at Amazon and their profits. John Morse weeps over the fact that Amazon moves out of Colorado and the newly imposed tax will raise little to no monies for his increase in the welfare state.

Rule number one in business is "make money". If you are not going to make money you either fold up shop and go out of business or you move to where you can make money. This is what Amazon has decided to do. Move and make money. To go some where that they will not be penalized for operating a business. In this process they have had to down size. Meaning that they have cut losses. These losses are imposed upon the Colorado economy with job losses. Losses that the state government caused.

By penalising and taxing a business and forcing them to cut jobs you create unemployment. In an economy that is suffering from a rise in unemployment does it make any sense to put people on the doll and take money out of their pockets? No it does not, yet this is what John Morse has done and cries foul over.

With the Internet tax John Morse claims that Amazon owes money to the state. This is far from the truth as no money was owed until the bill became law. John Morse gives the impression that it is retroactive and passed profits are subject to tax. This is not the case nor should it ever be.

What has happened is that by imposing this tax Amazon has made the business decision to leave Colorado and its business associates. Thus putting a dent in the profits of those who worked with Amazon. A god move? Maybe, maybe not. However it is a reality of business. Profits drive business not pleasing local, state and federal governments. A responsibility is owed to stock holders and a professional attitude towards customers. There is no mandate or clause that says a business must please John Morse.

"I spent many years as a police officer and I have not seen such tyranny, such egregiousness, such retaliation, especially from a corporate customer that makes in excess of $900 million a year," fumed Morse in a self published video.

Again the spin on the truth is that the tyranny is coming from Colorado State Legislature not from the corporate Amazon. John Morse along with Democrats not only in this state but nationally are out to hurt businesses and are purposely creating unemployment and hindering the recovery of the economy.

John Morse, in m y opinion is arrogant and self serving. his agenda is UN American and anti Capitalist. This man and the agenda he pushes has got to go. It is time he receives his pink slip and looks for a new job in the down turned job market he help to create.

Thanks for posting some sensible commentary on this issue! The tax-happy left seems determined to blame Amazon for terminating the Colorado Associates, when the Democratic legislature is clearly to blame.

You and your readers might be interested in my super-quick web site:


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If you want to help pressure the Colorado legislature to repeal this awful law, please join the low-volume e-mail list, NoAmazonTax:


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