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Wednesday, March 03, 2010 

Vote Yes Dems, end your time in Washington

Yes, yes, yes vote for the health care debacle. Put this country out of our misery by ending your time in Washington. A yes vote will ensure that unless you represent a liberal , communist, or socialist district you will not be in office after your next election. Let the revolution begin. The American people have been saying NO, NO , NO o this indentured servitude called health care. yet the elite Democrats in Washington refuse to listen to those who are their EMPLOYERS.

Let the election revolution begin here and now. Vote yes on this P.O.S. bill and then stand by the door and wait for your pink slip.

Look they want to repackage this bill and claim that now 30 million people will get coverage. An increase of over 18 million from the time they first proposed this mess. The bottom line to this is the price tag. Forget about the truth of NO ONE IS DENIED HEALTH CARE IN THIS COUNTRY. Forget the convenient truth that the numbers of uninsured match the number of ILLEGAL ALIENS in this country. Ignore the claims that health care is not affordable in this country. Look at the cost that these IDIOTS in Washington are going to impose upon the American people irregardless of our wants.

The population in this country is over 300 million people. Less then 10% are said to be uninsured , however the bill to insure them is going to bankrupt this nation. A fact that the CBO has published on each and every proposal. Is the cost of insuring one out of ten worth losing our standard of living? Is the cost of insuring one out of ten worth the oppressive taxes that will be imposed?

The answer is a positive NO on each question. Many who do not have health insurance our gamblers and it is in a free country their choice at such. They will pay the bill if the get sick. If they cannot pay then there are already programs and plans in effect to set up ways to pay for the services that they receive. So why are members in Congress changing this? We are at war and in the middle of a politically made economic crisis. Do they not have enough to do as it is?

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