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Wednesday, February 24, 2010 

Iran? No worries China has them

So talk just does not work now does it President Obama and all your touchy feely liberals. Now you change your tune on position of Iran and its development of nuclear arms. You are worried that the truth of a possible nuclear capable Iran is going to be reality. Something we have seen coming for years and you were warned about.

Well with the no action and worthless state department now utterly controlled with ideologues and people who have no grip on reality. Here do not worry. Even though the united Nations now recognises the fact of the threats posed by a madman in Iran, Russia even beginning to speak out against Iran. We, with contempt have seeded our position as world leader as fast as Obama can run to China.

Iran is now China's problem. But no need to worry because China, unlike the Obama administration will act. China will not run to the United Nations and cry, beg, and plead for permission to act. China will take care of Iran when the time is right for them.

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