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Thursday, February 25, 2010 

Should this be a surprise?

The numbers are out and they are up. It is the first time filers for unemployment. An upswing last week of 490,000 plus. Should this be a surprise to anyone? No not at all. As a matter of fact despite the so called experts being surprised a little at the numbers, it should not be surprising at all. As policies out of Washington come out and screw the economy on a daily basis. These numbers will go up, maybe down a little , but with no real significant change.

Small businesses are not hiring , and big business is laying off. It is all because they have no clue what Washington plans to do to them next. We have an artificially inflated stock market again. Be ready for it to fall soon. Then we have the push of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages. Any one recall how it was really poor business and stupidity by Fannie and Freddie that was the major cause in the housing bubble. So they are pushing these two financial institutes hard for more loans to those who have no business financially getting a loan in the first place.

The biggest factor in the numbers for unemployment that will rise on March 8Th, will be what happens in today's "health care" dog and pony show. Depending on how President Obama spins his plan to oppress our health care system and how the Republicans counter the spin. This will determine whether or not we see 500,000 new filings or not.

Do not be surprised when businesses opt to protect themselves and lay more people off. All in reaction to the new taxes and policies that are going to cripple the economy and ruin this country.

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