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Wednesday, February 10, 2010 

Deadliest Catch favorite Phil Harris dead at 53

Over the last few years we have become familiar with one of the if not the most dangerous job on the planet, Crab fishing of Alaska. The cable show Deadliest Catch has brought into our homes the stories and lives of the crab fleet. Out of those we have learned about we have become acquainted with the crews , families and Captains of the ships that adorn our tables with crab legs.

Out of these ships and crews several have been highlighted and kept under the spot light. The Northwestern, Captained by Sig Hansen. The Time Bandit, crewed and Captained by the fun loving Hillstrand brothers. The Wizard, operated by the Colburn brothers. Then my personal favorite is the Cornelia Marie.

Phil Harris spent the last 18 years at the helm of this ship. A total of 32 years in the industry of bringing crab legs to the dinner table. Long hours behind the helm in conditions that make a salty seaman worried. Phil Harris brought a sense of humor, and respect for the job to the landlocked masses who sat glued to their televisions watching.

Phil Harris suffered a near death experience before the cameras as a blood clot moved from his leg through his heart and lung. After a rouge wave nailed the Cornelia Marie one night, Phil was injured. Thinking it may have been a broken rib, Phil sucked it up for several days before setting sail to port for medical treatment. Proof that his was a job where the individual did take second place to the ship.

Saturday the 30Th of January, Captain Phil suffered a stroke while offloading his catch. Captain Phil hung on to life with his memorable bluntness and persona with telling the doctors and nurses, "Don't f*ck up.", on Feb 3RD. It was not until the 9TH that he passed away.

My personal heart felt condolences go out to the crew of the Cornelia Marie and the Harris family. Your father and Captain will be missed.

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