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Saturday, February 13, 2010 

Obama pats his back for spending a dollar to save a penny

President Obama once again tries to spin the truth and make us feel good. Lies and miss truths on his economic plans for recovery of his out of control budgets and party. How is it he can look any one in the eye with a straight face and say "I have cut 20 billion from the budget". Then sign a budget that is record setting. It is absurd. This man has no fiscal or economic sense. Let alone that his Constitutional understanding is under scrutiny.

Think about this people. He claims that the spend as we go plan will save money. Yet he refuses to reign in his own spending at the White house. We could save an easy 2 to 3 hundred million a year alone by getting rid of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL CZARS. Their salaries are a waste to begin with. All they are is an unapproved by the Senate cabinet. Not to mention another look at the 73 million a year that Michelle Obama spends on the largest staff that any First Lady has ever had. Last time I checked , a staff of 23 at that price is over three million a year per member. Why are they being paid so much? Justify this please.

Pay as you go means that there is a cap on spending. If you increase one departments spending another is decreased. So what department is he cutting in monies to increase his social departments? This is an end run to make it sound like he is going to reign in spending. However by law there are certain parts of the government he cannot cut. Yet under this pay as you go he can siphon money from them to pay for others. Thus he has to increase the budget to cover the redistribution of funds. It is a spin to increase taxes and push America further into bankruptcy and indentured servitude of the workforce.

The bottom line other then he (Obama) lies to us, is that as long as the liberals continue to spend, taxes will go up and our net worth will go down.

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