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Saturday, February 13, 2010 

Colorado follows Washington Healthcare Folly

Warning to all Colorado taxpayers and citizens. Gov. Ritter and the Democrat controlled state House and Senate, plan to follow the trend of fiscal irresponsibility and ram down the throats of the people a health care system we do not want. Only they plan to piece meal this into law.

Gov. Ritter has said that the that national health reform has been "bogged down by partisan gridlock." Once again propagandising a social agenda and blaming common sense from allowing it to pass.

The latest state proposals would:

• Prohibit insurance companies from charging women more than men for individual health coverage. (Why? Is the government saying that all are physically equal and that is one test is good for one sex it is good for another? Men and Women are different and require different care and pre care. The cost of this is not equal at all. You may reduce the cost perhaps, but you cannot equal out across the board the cost of care.)

• Provide incentives, using federal funds and private money, to encourage nurses and doctors to work in rural and undeserved communities. (provide incentives with federal money? Oh like the feds are going to give one state more money over another state? Nebraska and Sen. Nelson sound familiar?)

• Eliminate administrative duplication in the state Medicaid program and more aggressively attack fraud, a plan they said could save millions of dollars each year. (This actually is sensible and reasonable. However the oxymoron in this is that the state is going to investigate. They are the ones who approve and allow the highest level of fraud to accure.)

• Require insurance companies to write policies in "plain English" so consumers know exactly what is covered before purchasing a plan. ( Just who determines what plain English is. Ever sit down and read government language they consider plain?)

• Create an online statewide database that eventually would allow the public to compare physicians' patient outcomes. ( Again another public database that has more potential for abuse and the ability to allow identity theft. Medical records are the number one source for Identity Theft information.)

• Require insurers to cover breast-cancer screening. (Is this not already an option? You have to read your policy and find out if it is covered. If not you can always get it as part of the coverage.)

This is only the beginning. It is all planned out from Chicago. The socialist agenda if not pushed from national levels, will be forced upon the people at local levels. The bottom line in all this is how will it be paid for. I am not against an overhaul of the medical profession. Starting with the insurance companies and followed by TORT reform on all these ridiculous lawsuits. The government is not a better partner in business, health or in our lives. It is the enemy to a free people. Of coarse you have to have a government , but it must be limited in how far it enters into our lives and takes control of free will.

As Colorado falls short on its budget again under Gov. Ritter. Fiscal responsibility is being thrown to the wind. It is a spend, spend , spend mentality that is moving this state closer to California in its economy.

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