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Monday, March 15, 2010 

Thwart the will of the People

The cross roads are crossed. The gauntlet thrown down. Radical Socialist in government have said screw the people. We are seeing an absolute assault on the Constitution and all that has made this country over 200 years the envy of the world.

The leftists in Washington are going to jam down our throats the worst legislation ever proposed and send this country spiraling into a debt filled future that will take generations to fix. The lies of how this health care bill and how it will supposedly help those in this country does not even touch the reality of how this bill is going to enslave the over whelming majority. The fact that taxes across the board and job losses will sky rocket are ignored. The fact that small businesses will go out of business. Thus increasing unemployment along with the inevitable rise in those who will have to go on the doll to support their families is ignored.

Leftist in Washington do not care how this bill does not address the real problems of health care in this country. Their only concern is laying claim to having passed a debacle of red tape and higher taxes. Resulting in the destruction of the greatest country in history through indentured servitude to larger and more oppressive government.

We have been warned over and over again that the handouts known as the welfare state are going broke. Well it happened. Over the coarse of its abuse the Social Security program has already done so. Years before it was said to. Last moth pay outs grew larger then intake. Thus creating a new deficit in the entitlement system. By paying money to those who never paid in or met the qualifiers of the program our government stole our money.

Now the proposal of more handouts, and redistribution of wealth will create such a deficit as never before in history. Think about the numbers . It started out as only 10 to 12 million uninsured. Then the claim went to near 30 million uninsured. Still a percentage of less then 10% of the population. So the answer was to cut and restrict services to the other 90% of the population.

The truth that NO ONE IS DENIED MEDICAL TREATMENT in this country is perverted. The truth that after care and unrestricted lawsuits, combined with insurance restrictions nation wide prevent the after care needed in all cases is not even considered in this bill. The race to jam down the throats of Americans a program that does nothing but increase the coffers of the government is absurd and WRONG!

By passing and subverting the procedures, rules , and guidelines of the Constitution to pass a social feel good, do nothing program is as Anti American as the fascists and Nazi's in Washington. The process that is being used is an end run on the Constitution. It is exactly what the founding fathers wanted to prevent. An oppressive government on the people.

This bill, and the way it is being rammed through legislation is equal to a Constitutional amendment. It demands a state by state vote. Something that the leftist in Congress refuse to allow to happen.

A clear move by the left to take over this country and radically change all that once was good. Replacing it with all that has not worked and wrong in this world.

Instead of voting these cretins out of office, maybe it is time the people do what the colonists did. Drag these officials out of their offices kicking and screaming, then tar and feather them in the town square.

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