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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 

Tom Hanks, imbecile, liar, or racist

Tom Hanks is either a complete imbecile and ignorant of facts. Or Tom Hanks is himself a racist. For a man who claims to have talked and spoken to many who served and were involved with the Second World War, he must not have listened to what they said.

Tom did you not learn about how the Japanese Ambassador and an aid, visited the White house minutes before the bombing of a little place called Pearl Harbor? Did you not learn of the Imperial Japanese expansion in the Pacific? Are you selectively ignoring the rape of Nan kin China by the Japanese? Did you not learn of how the Japanese systematically tried to exterminate the Korean people and their society and history from the memory of history?

Tell me Mr. Hanks if the second world war was a race war then who started it? Are you saying that the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazi's started it? Or maybe you are implying that the more then 20 million Jews , Gypsy's, and fellow Russian countrymen murdered by Stalin started it. I am sure that those Philippine slaves of the Japanese Empire in Japan are not to blame when the Japanese invaded the country of the Philippines.

Wait maybe you are suggesting that Mexico, who unofficially supported Germany and entered talks on high government levels with Germany are to blame.

The omitted facts that the United States sent little aid to Europe, and though clearly did not support the war in Europe did all they could to stay out of hostilities until that little event in Hawaii. Gosh Tom how annoying that Pearl Harbor keeps getting in the way of your slant on history.

What a shame that the truth is still there. The fact that the Greatest Generation is getting smaller by the day. There are still enough vets at the V.F.W. who did serve and know the truth.

Tom Hanks is either willfully ignorant of the facts, and does not want to believe. Or in fact, like so many of the left in Hollywood. Is himself a racist against that genetic mixture referred to as mutts, because of the vast melting pot they come from. Tom Hanks is racist against Americans and nurtures deep resentment against a country and its people who have saved the World more times in its short history then any other from the beginning of recorded times.

Tom Hanks proves clearly that his foot is in his mouth and that he is indeed an imbecile.

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