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Thursday, April 29, 2010 

Congressional Hispanic Caucus

The Hispanic Congressional Caucus has shown it's racial anti American CITIZEN stance. Just what am I talking about? A bill proposed to give medical aid to the 9/11 workers who are suffering from medical problems developed from doing their jobs , saving and recovering lives and bodies. All this done right after the cowardly attack from the goat herders in the middle east known as Al Quieda. This bill would help provide medical and financial assistance to these hero's who need help. Well the Hispanic Caucus has said that they refuse to support and will try to hold this bill up unless. Now this is the kicker. Unless ILLEGAL ALIENS are given free medical as well.

Just what kind of crap is this. How many hospitals have had to close down because they already receive free medical. Houston has lost four or five, southern California has lost the same and there are many more. Is it not bad enough the Obamacare, a lie to begin with now covers ILLEGAL ALIENS. Read the fine print people.

This is outrageous! It is an insult to the American LEGAL CITIZENRY!!

Look I have a heart, but chariety begins at home and not south of the boarder. We MUST take care of our own before we take care of others. Would you place someone you do not know over a family member? This is what it amounts to. Giving stitches to the neighbor while your wife, son, daughter, mother or father lies bleeding to death and waiting for help.

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