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Sunday, May 02, 2010 

Demands for Mexico: Or else a Boycott!!!!!!!

It is far past time for the LEGAL American citizens to stand up and make demands upon the Mexican government. Seeing how we are flooded with all these "displaced migrant workers" from south of the boarder. Those who along with the bleeding heart,brainwashed open boarder crowd. Here is a list of demands for them. Until they meet these demands a boycott of Mexico in entirety needs to be employed.

1) seeing how we are all Americans, the Mexican government must start to give financial aid to those who enter their country.

2) The Mexican government must help with aid for public education that INCLUDES COLLEGE!!

3) Mexico must ensure the safety from the government supported drug cartels.

4) Mexico must stop their human right violations along their southern boarder and allow free movement of other misplaced migrant workers from Central and South America into their country.

5) Mexico must change their judicial system and reform their prisons to allow for human treatment of prisoners.

6) Housing assistance must be given to those who do not have full time employment in the country of Mexico.

7) A food stamp or food assistance program must be developed to give food at below market prices to other then Mexican citizens i.e. displaced migrant workers.

8) job priority must be given to displaced migrant workers above Mexican citizens.

9) Mexico must place a higher tax upon its citizens in order to pay for all of this without asking for help from the United States tax payer.

10) Equal rights under Mexican law must be fairly applied to those who are not Mexican, including notification within 12 hours consulates of arrested persons countries, free legal defense, and interpreters.

11) Yes mandatory health care for all, especially for non legal Mexican residence!!!!!!!!!!!

This is just the beginning of demands that Mexico must meet before we even consider reforming the immigration laws in the United States. Until these demands are met a full out boycott must be called for and acted upon of this tyrannical government south of the boarder.

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