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Monday, May 31, 2010 

Is the War about to begin?

Is the Middle East about to explode into the war we have all heard about since we were little? With the fact that the forces against Israel have now aligned and are spinning all they can about how Israel is guilty of trying to defend itself from those who want to eliminate them from the face of the planet. Are we here in a Christian Judea country about to see the the out break of WWIII?

Even the morons in Washington D.C. should be able to clearly see the set up of this false freedom ships to Gaza. That it was nothing more then a ploy by Jew hating groups. A press opportunity to make Israel look bad while trying to stop the influx of arms and supplies to those chickens and goat lovers (in the biblical sense) who are murdering innocents in the name of a pedophile. The original terrorist muhammad. A scorned Jew who thought himself better then other Hebrews and started his own twisted version of the Holy Word.

Will we be dragged into the final conflict. One in which our own government has aided the enemy by allowing them to get weapons and mass weapons of mass destruction. Or will we be caught up in the middle of some civil war here at home trying to defend decency, moral values and FREEDOM.

As the liberal idiots keep saying "we must be progressive and learn to change for tolerance sake". To give up moral values, equality, the Constitution in favor of oppression and tyranny. DO these liberal jackasses have any clue or plan of who they will run to when the enemy comes for them. If America falls as they want it to, just who will defend and protect them and their freedom in the future.

By falling for the propaganda of the Palestinian pro murderers. We will not only get sucked into a war but end up on the wrong side in the end.


There are no atheists in fox holes, so PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION my friend. Soon the knock on your door will not be peaceful.

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