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Friday, May 21, 2010 

No Law In America

So official word from Washington authorities is that they will not enforce the law. What law and who you ask? Immigration and Naturalization Service for one, along with I.C.E. and the current administration of better then you peons.

The law is Constitutional. It was proposed, made into a bill then ratified and voted on. Then signed by the President of the United States and finally approved by the Supreme Court. This happened in the 1950's. I am talking about the immigration law that Arizona recently decided to enforce them selves and do the job that our Federal Government is supposed to do.

We get lip service from the bleeding heart, anti American establishment who not only insults us as Americans, but is lacking in not only intelligence but in an education in what the Constitution really is.

These Jack Asses are not doing their jobs, which is to protect the American citizenry!!!!!!!!!!

It has only been since Obama was elected that the blatant hatred for this country has come out of the closet. Not even former President Jimmy Carter and his hatred for this country had the nerve to do what these cretins are doing. To invite a leader from another country and allow him to belittle our law and way of life while he and his country conduct policy that is harsher then what we even would like to have enforced.

Those liberals in congress who stood and applauded for President Calderon from Mexico not only need to be ousted from office but banned from ever serving again. The embarrassment and total disregard for not only protocol (which calls for standing up for your country) , but basic decency for those whom they serve ( the American People).

Every American needs to understand that our government has been taken from us and replaced with pompous bureaucrats.

If they refuse to enforce the law and do their jobs then what options are left? Is this a clear call for vigilantism? For the good , decent people of this country to take matters into their own hands and enforce the laws on the books. Not to mention protecting themselves from an invasion and its supporters?

For those who are on the front lines, that is along the southern boarder. It is all to real. Murder, rape , theft is common there. In the one country where people should not only feel safe but be safe from all this. Instead you have local law enforcement telling the people of their districts to arm themselves, (Hudspeth county Texas). Where an American city is fighting for the number one spot on the list of lawlessness and kidnappings, (Phoenix). What a tragedy the last two years of this socialistic anti American agenda driven administration and Congress has been.

When the citizenry has to ban together and protect their neighbors and their families from not only law breakers but from those who are supposed to be enforcing the laws. It turns all that the founding Fathers fought for and believed. However it is also what they feared and provided guidance for in their writings and in the Constitution.

An armed and informed populace is the only thing that stands between tyranny and oppression.

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