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Saturday, May 29, 2010 

Colorado invades Citizens Privacy

In the Mile High State there is no longer such a thing as individual privacy. HB 1330, the all Payer Health Care Cost Database has been passed. Sponsored and written by Colorado State Rep John Kefalas. Signed into law by Gov. Ritter on May 26TH. This has to be one of the most intrusive laws ever passed.

This farce of a law and pro nanny ism gives unlimited power to the Executive Director of Health Care and Financing. A mandate to collect all information related to health care by individuals and individual private families, conduct audits and if so chooses to pass on this information. Yes that is right if they feel like it. To pass on this information to THIRD parties without the consent of the individual who's information this is. So much for the Doctor, Patient privacy clause.

The individual rights oppressor Kefalas, after this invasion bill was passed got up and bragged about how great it is. That this is the right thing to do.

"You can't manage what you can't measure" said Kefalas. In other words the State needs to be able to look at your intimate private medical details and decide how best to "manage" your private medical health care for you. Remember you are not smart enough to manage your own life, best to let the government take care of you.

It is the cradle to grave liberal philosophy that has a hold of this country now.

This database that is to be created is going to be funded by unknown sources. These sources will them have control of this date base and be able to access it when ever they want. Now remember that our State government has already out sourced drivers license information to Mexico. This is why they mail your license to you. It comes form Mexico, not a Colorado company. Can any one say State sponsored identity theft?

So just more food for thought. When they promise you that all is secure and private. That no one will be into your private information, think long and hard on how our own government is giving the information out.

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