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Thursday, May 27, 2010 

Obama sends troops to harrass Americans

In a purely political move to try and appease Mexico and open boarder supporters, while making it look like he has plans to secure the southern boarder. President Obamanation has authorised 1200 National Guard troops to move to the Mexico American boarder and act as police officers only. To stem the rise in crime along the boarder.

The flow of automatic weapons from America southward. Well news flash! Anyone who has followed the guns aspect of the boarder knows that the vast majority, over 75 % of the weapons are either stolen nor sold from and by the Mexican Military to the Drug Cartels. The wave of armaments is not from America but from the Mexican government itself. So the new deployment of troops, having their backs turned to the real criminals and watching America is totally worthless. The fact that crossing in to this country by means other then ports of entree is illegal to begin with, is lost on the left and Anti American crowd from further south.

Once again one has to ask what it is bout illegal that they do not understand. So what if it is only a misdemeanor. It is still against the law. Now when they issue a terrorist alert the same week that they announce that American citizens are the problem along the boarder and not the criminals. We have morons in office.

I could go on and on about this but to what avail? The open boarder crowd and the Hispanic anti American movement are getting entrenched to a point that the only thing left will be to adopt Mexico and make its states more United States.

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