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Tuesday, May 18, 2010 

Somethings have to be said

If you are a political correct freak then read no further because you will be offended!

Some things just have to be said and political correctness be damned.

The rudest people on the road or in a store are those with Obama/Hope bumper stickers.

We now have the most ignorant administration in our history.

Those who call the new Arizona law Unconstitutional and have not read it are the real bigots and racist.

If you fall for the gimmick of an A.P.R. home loan on the new plan, then you are a fool. (It was A.P.R.'s with the balloon payments that added to the housing bubble mess)

If you think that we as a country are fascist, then you have never traveled to a third world nation.

If you think that we do not have enough in the way of welfare handouts. Then you have never traveled outside of the United States.

If you think that we as a nation have race problems. Then you do not pay attention to what is currently happening in South Africa.

If you think that the American Southwest is occupied stolen land, then not only are you an idiot. You have no concept of history and a little thing called the Mexican American War along with the treaty signed and payment of millions made to Mexico after they lost the war. (read the treaty)

If you are a tree hugger and love the environment, along with supporting open boarders. Then get your butt down to the southern boarder and clean up the trash left by the ILLEGALS.

If you think that the economy is getting better, wait for the upcoming tax bill for 2010.

When you blame the Oil Companies for making a profit on you back. Then think about the four times as much more that the U.S. Government has made on your back for fuel.

The American work ethic is not lost. It has been subverted by the welfare state. Those who cannot find a job need to call the I.N.S.

I understand ILLEGAL, you don't.

I support enforcement of the law, this is not Racism.

TheTruth.com is full of lies.

If there is global warming, why are the Rockies still covered in snow?

I drive a big truck. Two by Fours just won't fit in to my Toyota.

If DDT and other pesticides are bad for us and banned in the States. Why are we trucking in food grown with these banned substances from other countries while American farmers are going bankrupt?

Just a few things that need to be said. If you do not like it. Tough!

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