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Wednesday, May 19, 2010 

The election spin

So now that certain states have held their primaries. The left spin is in. A prime example is that of Sestak in Penn. On Fox this morning the blame Bush game is still going on. A clear misdirection and spin.

Trying to claim that the enormous debt run up by the current government and it's bad fiscal policies are all Bushes fault. That Bush grew the debt by three times over eight years may be a fact. Yet the fact as to why with two wars to pay for contributed to this majorly. Obama and his socialist have increased this debt by a factor of four in less then two years. That's four times larger then that of the all time high of the Bush administration.

There is the spin. Forget what Obama has done blame Bush still and those who believe in fiscal responsibility.

Blumenthal pulls a John Kerry and lies about his service record. No apologetic about his so called misquote. Blumenthal says that he stands by his record. Well he lied about being swim team captain, he lied about where he served. Not in Country or a combat zone. So what else will he lie about?

Let the games begin.

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