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Monday, May 24, 2010 

Not our Fault

So everyone is in agreement. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (not an ocean Napolitano), is not the fault of President Obama and his cronies. This being said it is their problem and their JOB to do something about it.

Instead we get the same old lip service this time from the Jackass Salazar and the incompetent Napolitano who seems to think that the gulf is an ocean. just another glimpse into the incompetence we have running this country unfortunately.

Along with the lack of common sense to enforce laws that are legal and Constitutional. We get to see that if our leaders push the blame and courage to act off on to anyone else, they think that they will be blame free.

We'll guess again you blowhards. YOU ARE TO BLAME IN YOUR FAILURE TO ACT!
By not doing anything you do not absolve yourselves of blame. You only make things worse.

When Governor Bobby Jindahl goes into action in order to save his state he shows leadership. This means taking some blame when and if things do not go right. It also means he gets the credit for doing his job. Something that this current administration does not understand. Lack of leadership does not a leader make.

As oil spreads further and further through the gulf and into the Atlantic Ocean, (see Janet the Atlantic is an Ocean). What do are fearless leaders want to do. Instead of putting assests at the call of the Gulf States in need, they want to raise the taxes on each barrel of oil. An additional 24 cents. It does not sound like mush only 245 cents, however we all know that this increase will not stop but increase. An expected 11 billion dollars over ten years. These funds to help pay for as an insurance against such disasters like this oil spill. Yet history demonstrates that this current government of social dreamers will spend this on welfare instead of what its proposed purpose is.

So it is not our fault? Oh yes it is our fault. We allowed ourselves to be lied to and conned by these subversive anti American pukes. We allowed them to take control of our country and pervert our Constitution. We allowed them to attempt and try to destroy our way of life. It is our fault and we must correct this.

The Tea Party movement is only a beginning. These liberals have been exposed and now it is time to investigate and demand justice. It is "We the People" who run this country. It is "We the People" who decide our fate. Now it is time to take fate back into our hands and make this country great again.

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