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Friday, May 07, 2010 

Let's Talk America

It is 24 hours after May 5TH. A day that many Hispanics in America celebrate a small military happening that ac cured in the the town of Puebla Mexico. A holiday that in Mexico is for the most part IGNORED by Mexicans and their government. SO in the United States it has become some mythical Holiday that is deserving of celebration above the Fourth of July.

Well let me clue you in on a couple of things that have happened because of political correctness in this country. One in San Fransisco a Hispanic school administrator is offended by the American Flag and suspends five students. Then in Texas at the Klien Collins high school. The Mexican flag was flown prominently over the American flag. Now this is outrageous to say the least. It in my book is calling for the firing of what ever administrators and teachers who were behind it.

First of all it is proof that these so called educators are lacking in basic edict and knowledge. The American flag is never ever flown below another countries colors ever!!!! It may be flown on an equal footing, meaning a separate flag pole of equal height. You do not fly the American flag under any one else's.

Now the jackass in California who was offended by American students who wished to show their patriotism by wearing t-shirts with the American colors on the 5Th of May is not only insulting , but down right DISRESPECTFUL to America. Even though we tolerate the noise, the trash, the closing of streets so that the Hispanic community may celebrate their "holiday". Is it not possible that their flaunting of the Mexican colors is also insulting. That it is found to be disrespectful and offensive. Yet here in Denver we have the largest Cinco de Mayo celebration in the world.

Moving on to this absurd idiocy of President Obama, the leftist Liberals and all open boarder supporters. You know what I am PROUD TO SAY THAT I SUPPORT THE LAW! If this makes me a racists, then I am PROUD of that too!

The Federal Law requires all immigrants who are not citizens of this country to have on their person, either the visa , or their immigration card (green card). This is FEDERAL LAW! All that Arizona has done is to say that they will now help enforce the Federal law. So if that unquestionable Constitutional law instructor Obama thinks Arizona is UN Constitutional then he needs to look at the federal law first. Or more importantly , he needs to back to school and learn what he thinks he knows.

No one, and I say again . No one has ever said that those from south of the boarder can not come here to live, and or work. However what is being said is that they do it legally and through the system of ports of entry. We have these for health reasons, financial reasons, and criminal reasons.

A health check up before they may bring diseases into this country. To make sure that they will not be a financial burden on our society. Something that seems to be an attraction to ILLEGALS as they are aided by government handouts that OUR OWN CITIZENS PAY FOR BUT ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR!

Then there is also the criminal element. What more can be said. Phoenix kidnap Capital of the World. The pedophiles who make up over 50% of the child abuse , rape cases. The drug runners and Cartels.

It is time to bring America back to the front, put law and order in place. Then elect some true leadership that does not worry about themselves, their status, or how they present themselves. It is time to elect those who sill represent and carry out the will of the people.

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