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Wednesday, May 12, 2010 

Unanswered questions

The questions that will remain unanswered will more then likely be pushed off as "racists". However these questions are important and need at least discussion.

1) If one is so proud of their Hispanic heritage, then why do they not read the treaty of Hildago Guadalupe?

2) Why are racist tenured and allowed to teach propaganda history that is not true?

3) How is it that no one is willing to stand p from Mexico and other Latin American countries and decry the human right violations that a CORRUPT Mexican government is committing?

4) What part of ILLEGAL is lost in not only the English language but in translation to Spanish?

5) Why is it insulting to display and show pride in the United States of America's flag? The flag that represents the country that allows the freedom to show pride in your own heritage no matter where you are from.

Five simple questions that the open boarder and racist of LaRaza will not and cannot answer. Something to think about for the rest of us.

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