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Friday, May 14, 2010 

What would you do?

In the small and sparsely populated county of Hudspeth Texas. Citizens , police and the boarder patrol themselves are out manned , out gunned and without federal support. Armed thugs cross the boarder nightly bringing drugs and conned immigrants to the United States.

The Sheriffs department with only 17 members tries its best to patrol and stem the tied of these law breakers but they just do not have the man power. Finding themselves limited not only on backup but being armed without any night vision equipment and only 9mm ammunition.

Residents have taken up caring arms and turning their homes into make shift frontier forts to protect their families and possessions. Something not seen since the days of the cattle drives in the old west. Protecting themselves from the modern day bandits who raid, pillage and destroy American property and lives.

Sheriff Arvin West has been quoted as saying to those who travel and live there to " arm themselves".

So if you lived in the constant fear of being robbed, having the women rapped, or being killed. just what would you do? Knowing full well that our own government is not doing a damn thing to help its own people. To do the job they are hired to do. That is to PROTECT AMERICA AND ITS CITIZENS!

Would you turn to vigilantism? Would you support an armed militia to patrol the boarder? With the local law enforcement borrowing equipment from the ranchers and farmers in order to perform their jobs. Would you invite taking the law into your own hands. All in order to prevent the murder of a family member or a neighbor?

Is it not time to act. Time to force the government of appeasement by Obama and his cronies to defend this country. The answer is clearly yes. It is time for the government to act before the people do.

The unfortunate part of this mess is that so many innocents are caught. Only breaking the law of ILLEGALLY entering this country. It is the drug runners and the human traffickers that need to be weeded out like dandelions in your garden.

( Francisco Canseco, townhall.com , open season on boarder residents )

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