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Wednesday, June 09, 2010 

BooHoo, another shooting on the boarder

Here we go again. Boarder patrol agents being pummeled by rocks from both sides of the boarder defend themselves and unfortunately this time a 15 year old is shot and killed. So what do we hear? Demands for justice and promises by Calderon (Mexico's thug in chief) promising to protect the rights of law breakers entering this country illegally.

I do not feel particularly sad that this 15 year old died. Nor am I upset that American Boarder Patrol fired their weapons in self defense. Yes it is tragic that this happened. However if the Mexican government was not encouraging their citizens to enter this country illegally, by aiding them with maps and subversive consulate offices in every major city in this nation. If the Mexican government was not so full of crooks and those on the take. If the Mexican government was not so supportive of the drug cartels and the refusal to stop the crime along the boarder none of this would have happened.

The blame falls squarely on Mexico and not America, especially not on the Boarder Patrol agents defending themselves. When Mexico starts to depend on domestic funds and not those sent under the table by ILLEGAL ALIENS on the wire back to their country, and starts to put an end to the corruption in their own government. When Mexico stops the invasion of its people, their military and the cartels into the sovereign territory of the United States. Then maybe I will feel bad about accidents like this along the boarder.

Until Mexico recognises American Laws, properties, and our NATION. I will cheer for anyone, being Boarder Patrol or private citizen who protects their own LIVES from the thugs south of the boarder.

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