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Monday, June 07, 2010 

MTV, Hollywood, and lack of morals

So MTV has either risen to new heights of disgusting behavior, or they once again have dropped the bar of standards just in order to be first at the bottom. In the annual movie award event held by MTV, over 100 censurable words, phrases and acts were evoked in 122 minutes of worthless television pomposity.

The use of the f bomb s bomb and other gutter mouth tripe were exalted and praised by the low character and lack of talent actors and actresses along with just plain porn stature performances broadcasted in the name of entertainment. Once again proving that the left coast lacks talent and sensibility. The FACT that there are no talented hacks being praised along side of real talented performers is amusing. However there are only a handful of true actors with the ability and talent to act under the age of 50 left in Hollywood.

It is sad to realise that true actors like Charlton Heston, Steve McQueen, Cary Grant, Lauren Becall, Catherine Hepburn are no longer. That these true acting talents have been replaced by the likes of Kuenna Reeves, Kate Hudson etc.

MTV has lost all creditability if it ever had any with this final broadcast of smut. However it has been on a serious downward spiral since it began televising reality shows and calling them entertainment.

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