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Saturday, June 05, 2010 

Obama "nickle and dimming", the pot calling the kettle black

President Obama once again opens his mouth with out the aid of his teleprompter or writers. Open mouth insert foot is the result. As his jet setting party plans are once again interrupted by his job as President, he now 4o plus days later begins to claim he is upset about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The spin of BP being stingy and "nickle and dimming " those effected the worst by this spill is outrageous. Obama is sitting on his back side looking for photo ops in order to make himself and his administration look good.The facts are that it is Obama and his cronies who are nickle and dimming things. Not only on our paychecks being nickles and dim ed, but in the way that they (Washington) is handling this problem.

The resources are to battle this are being trickled out. Permission is being slow and lacking in aid decisions for clean up and capping of the well. Authorization for BP to do what must be done is not just slow or lacking in coming, but it is being politicised for a leftist agenda that is anti oil.

Just look even the environmental groups are now getting active in calling for a change. They even see that Obama has hand picked incompetence for his cabinet over leadership and action. Sec. Salazar is a joke and has no clue other then to recommend that we stop drilling.

So when Obama says that BP is slow and needs to be more realistic on the pay out for the local companies hurt. He needs to pull his head out of where ever he has it hidden and look at his stinginess on providing aid, resources , and authorization.

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