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Friday, June 04, 2010 

The market, Job report, and the private sector

Why did the market drop over 300 points today? We received a supposedly promising jobs report on the unemployed. A showing of 400,000 new jobs created. This should be good news, on the first glance that is.

What we have seen today is the private sector, the non government run businesses that is. The public owners are waking up and reading beyond the first sentence. The real truth is in the meat of the reports. This is what caused a drop in the market today. A good dose of reality about what Obamanation is doing.

As only 41,000 new jobs were created in the private sector, over four times that was created by the government in temporary positions. A clear act in order to skew the numbers and make the average person think that Obamanation is doing a good job.

Well people are looking beyond the spin and see that this government temporary job placement is not really doing the economy any good. The private sector is not going to be hiring any time soon as they are unsure of what to expect in the way of new taxes and regulations.

With the possibility of a VAT tax and the cap and trade coming. Green carbon restrictions and environmental fascism. Small businesses are not about to consider expansion or replacement of laid off workers. The health care regulations still are uncertain as to how badly the will effect small businesses in the way of more money going out. It is a wonder as to how 41,000 jobs were created in the first place.

One needs to look no further then their local municipality or at the State level. All sorts of new money grabbing ideas are being pushed forth and voted on. Why, so that they can make up the short fall of funds they will have under the new economy being shoved down our throats.

A small business is going to be slammed into non existence. New Federal regulations taking a cut into profits. New State taxes. Then new local rises in money theft from the government. What this will do is raise the pricing of products and services up to a rate that people will either stop buying or hiring these products and services.

Why pay grease monkey 50 bucks to change your oil when you can do it yourself for under 20. Why hire a contractor to fix the porch railing, many smashed fingers from hammers later. The home owners are going to learn to do home repairs themselves. Something that they should be able to do in the first place but many lack common sense and aptitude to be able to do.

As each week we get the governments spin on the job numbers. It is vastly imperative that we look past the headline and see what is really happening. It is not going to be a clear sunny picture for a while. Not until we get the liberals out of office and into the unemployment line.

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