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Friday, June 11, 2010 

Mexico wants conflict

Mexico would love to have a conflict with the United States again. It is a win win situation for them. Seeing how they do not respect the treaties signed by their corrupt government over the years. That they demand we give their citizens special privileges over not just AMERICAN citizens but those of others around the world who would like an opportunity to improve their lives as well.

The Mexican military continues to cross the boarder on a regular basis. A violation of treaties that state that their military is to remain three miles south of the boarder. Instead the come across and hold American officials at gun point. (The National Guard in 2006, most recent the FBI team investigating the justifiable shooting of a fifteen year old subversive.)

The guarding of drug cartels with arms supplied to the Mexican military and military personnel trained by The United States is another sore spot that Mexico is exploiting to start trouble.

As Mexico enables , promotes, and aids in the violation of OUR SOUTHERN BOARDER. Our government is turning yellow and kowtowing to a menace from the south. If Mexico cracks down on its own America will give them money to fiance this. If Mexico does not crack down and change its policies, again America will give them money to supposedly help them out.

So what is the positive for Mexico to do anything to stop its people from Illegally entering this country? NOTHING. If there is conflict , bleeding heart open boarder supporters at not only the U.N will demand America aid Mexico, but condemn America for protecting its sovereignty. It will also add to the ignorance of previous treaties and laws in favor of the mythical stolen/occupied land lies being spread.

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