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Tuesday, July 20, 2010 

So we are all Racist

So the strategy now for the incumbents Democrats is to call their opponents racists. A tactic that is not new and is low. As the American people are seeing buyers remorse in their choice of a very poor candidate and elected official , Obama. The Democrats not only in Washington but all over this great country are shaking in their shoes. Their liberal anti American agenda has been exposed.

The truth is leaking out on voter fraud, intimidation and simple theft of our government by liberals. The far left socialist/communist/Marxist, and America hating crowd is being reveled. Black Panthers are being excused by what would appear to be racist in the DOJ. A committee crimes without punishment aura is being projected. Investigations of illegal voting by felons in Minnesota is being ignored by officials. In the Democratic party evidence of voting denial is being scoffed at as fellow Democrats had their voices silenced by Obama supporters.

The November elections are getting closer and the liberals are desperate. When dirty tricks are being stopped the big alternative left to them is to drop the race card on those who oppose their agenda. Anytime that someone speaks out or criticises this administration the "you are a racists" card is being played.

So what does this mean to you and I? It means that we are about to be labeled. A stigma that really only applies to those who are screaming it loud. The real racists are the liberals. They are the ones with a long history of racism. From lack of support for civil rights in the sixties, to non support of emancipation in the 1800's. To even further back as the slave traders in the 1600's.

It is the liberals and their ilk that are truly racists. It is time to stand up and call it like it is. President Obama does not like America, he is racial. As evident by the First Ladies rant at the NAACP. Calling on Blacks to keep fighting the system and the white power structure. Something that like Aztlan is a Myth.

Just remember that if you do not toe the line and goose step with the liberal agenda. You are the racists.

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