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Monday, July 05, 2010 

It is OBAMA's WAR!

Let us be clear on something here. YES it is President wannabe Obama's War. For the last 18 plus months he has been the Commander in Chief, this makes any conflict that this country is in his responsibility. Therefore the "confrontation " in Afghanistan is his war.

The way he has executed the way it has been fought makes it clearly his failure or his victory. So far it is a failure. By sitting back and thinking that a soft approach will win , and that announcing a withdrawal with dates and unit removal will make it disappear is part of the Utopian leftist false reality.

If Obama really wants to take charge and win this fight against a cult of murderers and oppression he will take the kid gloves off and pursue war as it is intended. Plenty of DEATH and DESTRUCTION. This is the bottom line of war. To kill the enemy and bring destruction to the what backs and drives the enemy and it's thinking.

If Obama wants to leave a legacy that is to be favorable to him. A pussy footing of tolerance to those who want to kill us is not the way to achieve a promising legacy. Unless of coarse he wants to be heralded as a supporter of those who fly a crescent moon over the oppression that they bring.

In the first few eeks of the war , back in 92. The United States was very successful by bringing death to those who aligned against us. The early bombing and ground attacks were successful because the politicians stayed out of command decisions of the military. In a few short weeks we not only crippled the Taliban and its allies. We set them on their heals.

No early warnings, no announcements of attacks. Just cold calculated military destruction. This is how war is done. Yet RNC Chairman Michael Steele is condemned for calling it Obama's war. His reasoning is wrong , but the fact it is Obama's war is correct. Micheal Steele concluded and politicised the situation and worded the truth with a biased spin. yet the conclusion 8is correct it is Obama's war. He is the Commander and Chief.

For the Democrats and Obama, along with his leftists colleagues to deny any responsibility and leadership demonstrates their lack of leadership and ability to be in charge.

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