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Friday, July 23, 2010 


As the election season heats up the RINO's are out in full force. Thank goodness that they like the liberal left are showing their true colors now.

You may not like former Congressman Tom Tancredo, however you need to listen to what he is saying and look at the evidence he eludes to about the IMPEACHABLE offenses of President Obama. Yet the so called conservative `crowd is calling for all but censorship. A huge side road from conservative principles.

Today on the Hugh Hewitt RINO show. The guest host displayed for all listening her RINO beliefs. A great guest host for the RINO Hewitt. Hugh Hewitt who is a RINO as well claims to be a conservative , yet he displays his liberal leanings as well under the SALEM BROADCASTING umbrella.

Now is not the time for anyone who loves this country to be taken in by these charlatans. Be you a Democrat or a Republican. A Federalist or a Libertarian, now is the time more then ever to inform yourself on the issues and the positions that these people take. You may not like what some say, or love what they say. However if you listen but do not hear, we are in for a third world status as a nation.

Tom Tancredo is right. He may ruffle a few feathers and his tact on a few of his speeches may be lacking. Yet what he says is something to think about hard and long. There is evidence to support his opinion.

For those of us here in Colorado. We must be extra attentive on those running for office. Faced with an Obama idolising Hickenlooper, or the RINO's McGuiness and Maes for Governor. Alternative candidates may be worth looking into. That is if the Republican party itself does not sink the elections. Remember it was they who supported a far left candidate in New York over a true Conservative in the last election. As well as many they are supporting this time around.

As a local radio host show here in Denver says, " I like to know where you sit before you stand on issues." ( Mike Rosen KOA 850 9 to NOON)

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