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Saturday, September 18, 2010 

Power Hungry, Repugs and Demrats

As we are wrapping up the primaries we are seeing a great lesson play out. A lesson that needs to be learned and passed on. This is one of sore losers, a loss of power, and one of how we have let go of our basic fundamental rights to those who would steal them from us.

Democrats in Washington are running scared and see how fragile their power over the American people really is. So what are they doing? They are consolidating what power they can, lying about opponents, and stealing the future of this country. Through higher taxes, fees, and other misdirection policies. Rep. Wiener (D) New York is calling for congressional hearings on Gold. Demanding a way to stop people from investing in gold and forcing them to buy T-bills and T-notes only as an alternative to retirement investments.

Obama's pack of Chicago thugs are raking in tax money on bogus positions like food Czar, Pay Czar, and other unconstitutional government positions. A money grab if there ever was one. One where they are not answerable to Congress or the Senate.

We have in just over 20 months the most corrupt, least ethical and unmoral government in our history. This is just on the Democrat side of politics. On the Republican side we see the established RINO's shaking in their shoes.

The loss of authority they see coming has brought out some of the most childish behavior in Washington. RINO's are supporting candidates that are not even close to being moderate but claimed to be conservative. When these candidates lose their primary after mass amounts of RNC funds have been spent on their campaigns, they immediately become independents or throw their support over to the liberal candidate.

The Alaska fiasco is a prime example of this. As Joe Miller won a brilliant grass roots campaign to become the Senatorial candidate, his opponent ( I won't mention her name, because I can not spell it LOL), is a scandal in the fact of poor loser syndrome. The Republican party at first reused to support O'Donnell in Delaware until they feel the heat from the public. Now they give a measly 43 grand to her in support.

Radio talk show hosts, who play off that they are conservative. Ones like Hugh Hewitt want us to support other RINO's no matter what. Forget any other candidate who may be conservative. Do the "democratic party " line and vote party no matter what. Hugh among the the Democratic leadership wants to put an end to our way of life and government. You have the right to vote for who ever you want that is on the ballot. Yet giving much verbal leverage and support for the keep people who are not on the ticket a chance. Hugh Hewitt dismisses the Tea Party, grass roots ability of American politics.

As the American people put action to their beliefs. Third party candidates are winning across this nation in primaries for the two party system and this scars they hell out of the establishment.

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