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Friday, September 17, 2010 

Hugh Hewitt:open mouth insert another foot

Yesterday afternoon, syndicated talk show host Hugh Hewitt opened his mouth and how he was able to insert yet another foot in there I will never know. Yet Hugh is able to insert a fifth and sixth foot into his mouth. Once again Hugh shows his true colors of being a huge supporter of the RINO establishment in the Repugnant party.

Not just dismissing any third party candidate , he insults and smears Colorado's third party candidate Tom Tancredo. Telling us to support another RINO in Meas for Governor. I have said it before and will say it again. Look up the facts, the positions, the history of the candidates for Governor in Colorado. We have three choices.

Choice 1, Hickenlooper. A man who is nothing more then a yes man for the left and the Obama administration.

Choice 2, Dan Maes. A RINO being pushed by the established (must protect our jobs) repugnant party, lead in Colorado by RINO Dick Wadham.

Choice 3, Tom Tancredo. A man with congressional experience, says it like it is and makes no excuses for what he believes.

Tom Tancredo is a moderate at best. Yet he does hold the Constitution and America first. He loves Colorado and has represented Colorado for several terms as a Congressman. You may not like him but he is the best of the three if you love liberty, America, freedom, and our way of life.

So Hugh Hewitt calls him a self absorbed, self centered, grandiosing, want to be in the spot light candidate. Vote for the RINO, or Maes as Hugh calls him. Remember in the last election Hugh also claimed that mail in ballots were tamper proof and the only way to vote as well. He also supports Mitt Romney who at best is left of center for president.

Hugh stay out of Colorado politics. You are a masked RINO, who opens his mouth and exposes your own ignorance on Colorado.

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