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Tuesday, September 14, 2010 

Obama shuffle

So now that the mid term elections are almost upon us, we see the President shift gears and pretend to take the car out of the ditch (to spin his own phrase). A proposal of reducing taxes on small business is a falsehood that our President wants us to believe he is for. The truth in the matter is that this is a shuffle game to try and win support for the left.

Fact: small businesses are facing 80 to 90% increase in health care fees.

Fact: small businesses gross more then $250,000.00 a year.

Fact: small businesses fall into the administrations definition of rich.

Fact: small businesses net far less then $250,000.00 a year, after expenses and payroll.

Fact: under the health care act small businesses cannot write off half of the expenses they did before.

Over all small businesses are seeing and increase in fees (new taxes) while they are being told that they need to increase payroll. Simple economics tells us you cannot hire when you do not have the money.

President Obama would like us to believe that he is for small business yet he promotes contracts for union companies over nonunion companies. In the rewarding of stimulus monies we see the evidence of this. His pro union stance is defined by those he has appointed to oversee the stimulus and other certain positions in government. A pro union lawyer who is to over see union nonunion grievances, a push for card check and the removal of secrete ballots, helping the subversive act of putting the SEIU into private homes in Illinois.

Any one who has a clear mind can see that it is unions who are destroying businesses in this country. After a clear run of defending workers rights they now are in full mode to destroy business. Look at the auto industry, the educational system in any state (the fight in New Jersey). Unions are greedy and destructive. This is what President Obama supports. A destruction of the private sector of this countries economy. To control it from a central location by those who are anti capitalist.

Wake up America, it is a shell game. Look at this hand while the other steals your wallet.

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