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Tuesday, September 14, 2010 

Colorado RINO's lead by the nose

What is wrong with the Colorado Republican party? The support for a RINO candidate who not only is a poor choice in the first place is having all sorts of character issues now. Meas is definitely not a good choice for Governor material. Every one I ask about him says "oh yeah he is a good choice", but no one knows his stance or real back ground.

Now the Colorado Repugnants are refusing to listen to the growing anti Meas movement from within. As many are now donating their time and money to Tom Tancredo. A more well known and sound candidate. Even though RINO's and the lame stream media are in the tank against Tancredo, because of his tough stance on ILLEGAL ALIENS. RINO's are still trying to convince Coloradoans that a vote for another RINO is the only way to go.

Dick Wadhams, the head of the CGOP, refuses to allow Tancredo to enter into debate that the state GOP sponsors. Why? Because of a personal dislike to Tancredo. Filling lawsuits to prevent Tancredo from appearing on this November ballot, is only one left wing tactic being adopted by RINO's. All in order to maintain their strangle hold on the Colorado voter.

As this election is so important to the future of our State and nation. We really have no choice in who to vote for. Dan Meas has to many character flaws and lack of honesty to be elected. Hickenlooper supports sanctuary polices for ILLEGAL ALIENS, cap and tax policies, card check and pro union policies, health care tax increases, any thing that Washington dictates. Hickenlooper is a yes man to the left and the Obama administration. Not a good choice after seeing the destructive ideas and stance of Washington. This leaves only third party candidates, out of which Tom Tancredo leads the way on being the best choice.

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