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Wednesday, November 10, 2010 

Is this our FUTURE

Is this our future? Riots, protests, slackers throwing fits in the streets because the money has run out. As Margret Thatcher once said "socialism is great till you run out of other peoples money".

Rioting in the United kingdom because they are contemplating a hike in school fees. A rise that amounts to a total of maybe $15,000.00 USD a year for education. Sheeeesh , come take a semester at a local community college here in the United States.

Is this what we are teaching the younger generations of Americans. An attitude of gimme gimme gimme, but do not dare make me work for it. A society of slackers and entitlement demanders?

I say no, HELL NO. America was founded and is kept thriving on the blood , sweat and tears of those who look to achieve and produce. Those who seek a better life through self satisfaction, determination, and self reliance.

America does not need a hand out but it could use a hand up in these times of social empathy for the have nots not willing to work for what the haves have earned. It is a time to turn the clock back. Yes the same thing the liberal left is afraid of. A resurgence of nose to the grind stone and achievement. The self satisfaction of saying I am doing fine and am making it without your hand outs. I have self pride and after my day is done I do not mind going over and helping my neighbor. He does it for me.

It is a time to remember to tip your hat to a lady and say No Sir, and thank you Ma'am. That the American flag is not just a bumper sticker on some bone heads Subaru but the colors of the GREATEST NATION IN HISTORY.

By Gawd it is time to remember that respect is earned and not a right. That if you like that kids tennis shoes then get a job and earn the money to get you some.

Ahh it is only a pipe dream. So much easier to sit on your ass and throw a rock through someone elses window. Make them work and pay for your xbox.

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