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Thursday, November 11, 2010 

White House caves? Debt commision

So the top story today is that the White house is now saying that they are willing to extend the current tax levels for another two years. The debt commission is finally throwing out some fiscal responsible ideas in reducing spending. So is this a sign that the current regime is caving into common sense?

No, do not believe this. It is politics as usual with this leftist crowd. They are trying to placate the TEA PARTY. The movement that swept the election. Be careful when they say that they are wiling to reduce spending. Just exactly what programs and governmental departments are they going to cut funds from.

Remember that the Obamacare needs money and it has yet to be fully implemented and there is no repeal currently. Not until after the new year will there even be consideration of this. Nancy Pelosi is not going to allow it until she is removed from her seat as Speaker of the House.

Obama will not go down without a fight in his march towards socialism for this country. Right now he is over seas in the Orient and he is not making friends there. He is upsetting China. China who owns a huge chunk of our debt is not pleased with Obama's rhetoric and economic plans here at home. The feds buying up 6 billion in bonds was not only a bad fiscal move heading towards run a way inflation. But it is sinking the value of the dollar on the world market.

In the past we know that the libs use this as an excuse to spend, spend, spend. Further reducing the value of the dollar. China does not like this as it makes the bonds they purchased less valuable.

Now we must pay close attention to the proposals being thrown out. Like a reduction in Social Security. YES this program is full of fraud and abuse. Not as wide spread as in Medicare. So when they spin the cuts or proposal of cuts be careful of the the fear tactics. All old and retired people will loose what they have etc. Meanwhile pay extreme close attention to what the fee and hikes on other things are. Fuel for instance is going up for no reason. The claim it is the evil oil companies greed is a huge falsehood. The government makes four times a gallon then what the oil companies do. Now just where is that money going.

It is supposed to be used as a road tax, yet States are not receiving these funds to take care of the roads and services of the DOT. They are sucking up stimulus funds to do what is supposed to be paid for out of gasoline taxes.

SO is the White House really caving in to common sense? No not at all it is a shuffle and misdirection to pacify us the CITIZENS.

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