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Friday, January 28, 2011 

Disgraceful, Jim Moran a putz.

Jim Moran, (D) Va., is nothing more then a disgrace. Why? His recent interview with a foreign news agency is why. It is not that he gave time to this network, it is what he said that is disgraceful and disgusting. The people of Virginia need to not only recall this putz but never allow him to be in public office again.

In his interview not only did he call all of America racist, but he specifically called his own constituents racists. All because we do not agree with the socialist policies of the left. He is entitled to have this opinion , however the disgusting and disgraceful act was to voice this internationally. As an elected member of this country you should give time for some foreign interviews. Promote this country and our form of Democracy. Yet this does not mean that you stand there and degrade and insinuate falsehoods.

The old saying of keeping things in house has no meaning anymore to those on the left when it comes to their agenda. It is really disgraceful. One can talk to friends and family about family problems but you do not get on a soap box with a blow horn and announce it to the neighborhood.

I suppose these lies and twisting of the truth is all part of the lefts call for civility in the new p.c. game they want to play.

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