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Friday, January 14, 2011 

I owe what? How much?

New reports have come out claiming that the American tax payer now owes $45,000.00 to the national debt. I ask why? How the hell do I owe that much when I did not spend. I have no problem paying for what the Constitution and the Supreme Court has determined is my fair share. Things like National Defense, highways, reasonable wages for government and elected officials. However to say I owe money for massive spending that I never was asked about. To tell me I have to support higher education for non citizens over AMERICAN CITIZENS. I got news for you pally.

This is not only just absurd , but it is a shake down, blackmail, theft by a government gone crazy with fiscal negligence. This government also wants to prolong paying back the loans we make to it over the coarse of a year in what has been termed taxes. Yes I did say loans. This is exactly what any overpayment in taxes is. A loan to the government at no interest.

With a debt of over 14 TRILLION dollars, my share of their spend , spend , spend aproach to governing is now $45,000.00. If I have to budget my money to make it through the week then by GOD the Federal and State governments had best start doing so as well.

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