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Tuesday, January 04, 2011 

More threats from the Government

A very disturbing fact has come to my attention. This new American Survey questionnaire, a supposedly census continuation, is being pushed to find out more on who we are. As I have stated before it asks questions that is none of their business.

Now people who have not returned this are getting phone calls from someone demanding that they fill it out. One of these people has discussed this with me. A phone call was received from someone with a heavy accent saying that it is the law to fill this out and that they could face fines and jail time if it was not returned. That a select number of people , 250,000 have been chosen to answer this questionnaire.

This smells fishy to me. One all that is required by the Constitution is a head count. No information about your income is required , or about mortgages, or the cars in your drive way and their use. Thes questions are smelly. If the quack and walk like an invasion of privacy then perhaps they are.

So if being a good American you already returned the original census, you fulfilled the requirement of the law. So is it double jeopardy of sorts, or is it just another intrusion into our lives?

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