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Tuesday, January 04, 2011 

A possible conspiracy?

Is this a conspiracy, or just another attempt by the left to run our lives? This comes from linking some future dots to what certain groups on the left want and our doing. Now we have pushed into law the removal of Edison light bulbs. Starting at the end of this month , 100 watt bulbs will no longer be available. Meaning you have to by the MERCURY filled (?) environmentally friendly curly fries ones.

Now it is fact that the EPA and other organizations have gotten outlawed certain products do to the level of MERCURY in them. So why is there no out cry as to these new light bulbs and the hazards that they produce? Several incidents have already occurred that required medical treatment and haz mat teams to conduct clean ups of these MERCURY filled light bulbs. In a Home Depot several boxes broke and fumes caused several people to seek emergency aid. Why because these bulbs pose a threat.

Now if by law we are required over the period of months to change Edison light bulbs to these new ones what happens when they break. Already there have been proposed that a green friendly inspector to come to homes and make sure we are using these bulbs. Will he be given certain authority to enter our homes without our permission?

The conspiracy theory of invading our lives comes here. An end run on the 4TH Amendment of the Bill of Rights, illegal searches and entry into our homes. Once inside will they snoop or out right search our homes as to what we have, and our doing there? All this under the guise of providing for our safety over a mandated hazard. Stating that we now must have a haz mat team dispose of these MERCURY filled bulbs and seeing that we have installed them in all of our lighting appliances.

Once inside the front door how do we prevent them from snooping. Not that we may doing anything. Yet the fact that they need to open cabinets, closets, look into all rooms for outlets that may have a nite light in them. A clear infraction of the 4TH amendment that is supposed to protect us from such things.

Now you say that they cannot do this. That we have rights. Well they do not seem to care with TSA at the airports now do they. Citizens are subject to humiliation while we under Janet Napolitano gives expedited passes for foreigners through security lines.

Something to think about now isn't it?

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